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2017 WOC Nurse of Year Recipient – Joni Boese
Congratulations to Joni Boese from Buena Vista Regional Medical Center,
Storm Lake, Iowa!  Joni is the 2017 recipient of the WOC Nurse of the Year
Award which is given annually to recognize an outstanding Wound, Ostomy,
Continence Nurse from the Iowa Affiliate of the WOCN Society. Joni was
nominated by her manager who stated she was the first nurse to achieve the
ET designation at their facility.  She began building the ET clinic services
by providing wound and ostomy care on a part-time basis for outpatients,
inpatients and homecare.  Her services continued grow over the years into
what’s now known as the WOC Center for Excellence. Joni has mentored 5
nursing partners who have gone onto achieve their WOC Nursing Certifications
with her leadership, mentorship, and support by acting as their preceptor.
One of her recent nursing partners stated.  “:she presents a wealth of
knowledge and expertise from her years of experience as a WOC nurse: I am so
fortunate to be able to learn from the best.”  Joni’s manager said highly
respected, expertise is so widely known and sought after, they received a
request to start-up a clinic at a neighboring critical access hospital.  She
and her partner cover a 45 mile radius seeing WOC patients with an average
of 275 visits/consultations each month.  She continually works her magic by
utilizing resources to ensure all receive the care they need despite ability
to pay. Joni has been an active member of the Iowa Affiliate and attends
national conferences every other year.  She was a 2010 recipient of the 100
Iowa Great Nurses Awards.  Congratulations Joni!
2016 WOC Nurse of Year Recipient – Bonnie Berkemier

Tammy Dietrich, the WOC Nurse of the Year Committee Chair, could not be with us today, so she us, as a committee members to present this award for her today. I’m Jodie Atkinson and this is Laurie Callan, we are both from Clinton and are members of the committee.

I had a tough time writing this little intro and condensing it down to just a few minutes because this very special WOC nurse was nominated by not just one of her colleagues but by 5 of her colleagues, each submitting a long and glowing application about her and her accomplishments.

This person became a nurse in the 1980’s and worked in various nursing roles for 16 years before expanding into WOC nursing. She has worked in her current position since 2007. One of her nominators wrote, “She is extremely proficient, dedicated, motivated and evidence-based driven while collaborating with the intraprofessional team providing the highest patient care possible.”

She rounds daily on all acute and rehab patients monitoring wound/ostomy issues, as well as, addressing any educational needs they may have. She has worked on and chaired multiple wound and pressure ulcer teams at both the local and state level. She worked to save her organization thousands of dollars through recommendation of mattresses and bed, as well as, skin care products. She has brought in a silver dressing and a fecal management system to the facility. She has worked on designing a thorough wound care and fistula documentation piece for the EMR. She’s developed a skin care protocol for neonatal population. She has worked tirelessly educating new and seasoned staff regarding wound care and pressure ulcer prevention through orientation, residency programs and skills days. She also gives a lecture on the skin and serves as mentor for local nursing students. One nominator wrote, “She loves what she does and it shows in the care she provides, always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.”

Along with being an exceptional WOC nurse, she shares her time and talent with others through her church and other service organizations. She is a talented seamstress and has sewn dresses for a project which were then sent over seas. Another nominator wrote, “She is continually giving back to her family, community and profession.”

I’m pleased to announce the 2016 Iowa Affiliate WOC Nurse of the Year Award is presented to – Ms. Bonnie Berkemier of Unity Point Health, St. Luke’s Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa.

Congratulations Bonnie!

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