Volunteer Reimbursement Scholarship Application

Volunteer Scholarship 2016 – Michelle Wenzel
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“Going to Haiti has been an experience of a lifetime. I had the opportunity to visit a very well established organization in the north and newly established organization in the south. The north had a college campus, elementary school, food program, ministry, and a newly constructed clinic. My group was one of the first to provide care to patients.

The south had a group of 25 boys led by a gentleman named Patchako. He served as a mentor and leader to these boys. He works with CLIMB for Haiti, an organization from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to provide funds towards two meals a day and school. We did multiple home visits to provide healthcare and it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the conditions some of these children live in. However, there is something else to say about those living in Haiti, they may have little, but they have such a sense of community and friendship within their neighborhoods.

I am so appreciative of the funding the Iowa Affiliate WOCN has given me as I in turn elected to give the money to CLIMB for Haiti as these boys need it much more than myself.”

Volunteer Scholarship 2013 – Francel Graham
Francel Graham received the Volunteer Scholarship for her trip to Haiti to work with wounded patients.