The mentorship program was developed in response to the survey taken by the Iowa Affiliate of the WOCN Society membership. Members identified the need for resources to enhance their knowledge base in unfamiliar areas of practice and to provide an opportunity for networking with experienced WOC nurses in various WOC practice settings.

The purpose of the program is to utilize the expertise of our Iowa Affiliate members who are willing to serve as a resource and mentor in areas of their professional strengths. The program is open to all affiliate members who meet the following qualifications:

  • Board certification in WOC nursing for a minimum of 5 years
  • Maintain Iowa Affiliate WOCN membership
  • Provide availability to the member seeking the mentoring within 48 hours of

Supporting Mentorship Statement
Mentors provide support and guidance to help less experienced members achieve success in their careers. Regardless of how old we are, or how long we have been a WOC nurse, there are always others who are just taking their first steps on a path we have already trod. We have the experience in our membership to offer them that will make their path easier. It is a strength of the affiliate and as individual professionals to seek the help of others, and to share our knowledge with our colleagues.

Questions or Comments
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