Zoe Bishop** headed up an ostomy product donation at Fall Conference for Friends of Ostomates Worldwide.   Here is what we accomplished…

  • Iowa Affiliate of WOCN shipped 160 pounds of product to FOW-USA
  • This represents 160 pounds of product that will go to those in countries that have no ostomy products
  • This represents 160 pounds of product that will NOT go to the landfill
  • The products that are valuable with these donations can be expired, but not used.  They can include accessories such as barrier rings and belts, one or two piece pouches.
  • A huge thanks to our treasurer Paula, who transported 9 boxes of product to be shipped.

What a wonderful way to support our partners and friends overseas!

**Zoe Carter Bishop’s journey for her nursing career started exactly one week out of high school, completing her undergraduate BSN at the University of Iowa in 1977. She has worked in acute care as a primary career ever since with her first specialty being orthopedics. She has held many roles in this area from staff nurse to clinical coordinator, educator, and in program development. She credits this career and the flexibility it provided to help her raise her family.

In 2007 she found herself being a student again…30 years later. It was a tough experience, but she states the rewards for her personally and professionally have been remarkble. She is a graduate of WICKS program formally in Harrisburg, PA. Currently a WOC clinician in a 500+ acute care hospital, she has been involved on the state and national level for WOCN, and currently sits as the chair of the national education committee. She has a (very part time) consulting business on the side, assists with an ostomy support group in the Des Moines area, and a content expert reviewer for a few organizations.

She travels whenever she can, and visits Colorado frequently, as her sons live there. Hobbies include biking, golf, watching the Hawkeyes play any sport, and travel outside the US where there is an ocean and a beach.



The office of the Governor of the State of Iowa has granted our request for the following:

The week of 4/16/2017 – 4/22/2017 as Iowa Affiliate of the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society Week!

YEAH! The signing of the proclamation will be Thursday, March 16th at 3:40pm in Room 109 at the Capitol.

If you are interested in attending, please let Heather Trumm know and we will meet in the lobby of the Capitol Building around 3:25pm.